Monday, March 10, 2014

An open letter to Just My Size:

An open letter to Just My Size: I have to express disappointment with your brand for the first time in as long as I can remember. I purchased a set of 3 panties for almost $13 this evening, and am going to have to try to return them. The sizing indicated on the back of the packaging is extremely off, even when compared to others of your brand purchased just 2 years ago. I've been buying size 11 panties for quite some time now, in fact just a week ago I purchased some Jockey panties that are size 11 and fit marvelously - if a bit on the large side! First, I'm disappointed with Walmart in Waverly, IA for not carrying ANY cotton panties in plus size that are fabric-covered-elastic (for those of us with sensitivity to the material the elastic is made out of and cannot wear "conventional"-waisted panties) aside from the "brief" style. I'm particularly short-waisted, and briefs look like shorts on me so I prefer hi-cut or boyshort-style. The ONLY hi-cut with a non-"conventional" waistband were your "seamless, soft comfort" style (433SAS). I bought the 12/13 (3x) size "to be on the safe side" and immediately upon trying them at home was infuriated at the thin feel to the fabric (see-through, really) that felt as though if my fingernails were longer they'd "run" like a pair of pantyhose. Secondly, they fit like a size 9/10. MUCH tighter and very uncomfortable digging in where the leg-bands and waistband were to the point I couldn't get out of them fast enough. This was by and large the most horrible panty-buying experience of the last 5 years for me. I've never been disappointed with your product before (though I've always had boyshort or hi-cut COTTON panties available to me before). If you're going to charge upwards of $4 per pair of panties to punish us "fat girls" then at least make your product run true to size and QUALITY materials so we have a reason to buy your products. There are many other brands who are FAR superior to you that we'll drive a distance and maybe even pay a little more to get because they'll last 5+ years (read: Jockey. I've had 3 pair of their "elance" style french-cut panties since before my youngest daughter was born and she's 5 1/2 and I'm just now needing to replace them. Your boyshorts in my panty drawer are less than 3 years old and have already become so stretched out that I'm needing to replace them as well!) Generally, I'd demand not only my refund but coupons to buy a different package... but given the fact the next nearest Walmart that *might* carry the size, style & material I'd want is the same distance as the Kohl's I can get Jockeys at, guess who's getting my business from now on?? Say goodbye to my money, Hanes - AND to the money of anyone who will listen to me complain...

Saturday, February 15, 2014

CURVE by Fantasy Lingerie NOT sized correctly!!

I purchased a piece of lingerie at a Romantix store in Waterloo, Iowa this evening. When I arrived home, I attempted to put on said lingerie. The box assured me that a 3x/4x would fit Bust Size 48-52, and Hip Size 50-56. Not even CLOSE to the truth.

After getting assistance from my husband to get the piece unstuck from under my breasts and off (I'd hoped it was just bunched or wound in the back making it snug - it wasn't), I measured it. The bust ACTUALLY measures 22 inches across when stretched taut - 22+22=44. NOT 48-52. Measured the hip area stretched taut - 24!! 24+24=48. NOT 50-56!! This was not a case of "wrong item in the box" either - the sewn-in tag CLEARLY shows 3x/4x. Misleading, ill-sized RIP-OFF.

I am demanding a refund (price on receipt AND box i can send in a photograph or scan) for the $24.99+tax from the company or I will return the item to the store along with my SCATHING review of the products so they can choose whether or not to keep selling them.

This post will be ongoing...


I am impressed with the company for owning up to the problem and not only refunding my payment but also sending me 2 replacement options (that fit marginally better, but are still not exactly the size (in inched) printed on their boxes. PLEASE, ladies, keep this in mind when you purchase their products, and if it's possible (even if it's inconvenient) try the lingerie on before purchasing!