Friday, March 30, 2012

     Alright, totally time to update the blog and start using it as the journaling tool like it was meant to be! The picture you see above is me. All me. Only editing was cropping out the majority of messy closet behind me :p Now, while I'm proud to be who and what I am, and get tons of compliments on a daily basis on my looks, I know deep in my heart that I'm not healthy. I've had blood pressure issues since I was pregnant with my younger daughter that have never resolved. I am well aware that the persistent aches and pains aren't simply the mistakes of my youth catching up with me. Sure, some are from that broken ankle in 5th grade that never healed right, or the back injury that left me with 2 degenerative disks in my back, but they're being compounded by my weight. 

     Like I said, I am WELL aware. No need to be rude about it, or make snide comments to me or to others about me. No need to call me names or try to embarrass me. No need to treat me as a lesser person because I have an obstacle in front of me that's not in front of you. Everyone has their crosses to bear, their mountains to cross, their wilderness times. This happens to be mine. If I were a lesser person, I could find a character flaw/weakness/stumbling point in the lives of EVERYONE that chooses to point out mine in hopes of hurting me, but you know what?? I'm a BETTER person than they are so I don't. 

     Let them get what they deserve. A wise saying I heard once and have since adopted as my philosophy in regards to all people who are haters.

Answers To Questions In Your Minds

  • I don't eat large amounts of food. In fact, I usually eat LESS than those around me. 
  • I have a high amount of stress in my life, but it is diminishing slowly. 
  • I don't eat fast food. I CAN'T eat fast food much, as I have many food triggers that give me headaches and cause my IBS to act up. I'd rather cook than spend half the day in the bathroom because McDonald's was convenient. 
  • I don't eat "bad" foods very often. Whenever possible, I use low-fat, low-cal, natural and organic products in my cooking.
  • I don't eat constantly or "graze" throughout the day. I eat only what I need to, when I feel hungry, don't over-stuff myself at meals or restrict myself to certain times I feel "required" to eat whether I'm hungry or not. I learned these tips when I was in Weight Watchers, and they HAVE helped me become more self-aware.
     I plan to exercise more as the weather improves. Exercising inside our house is pretty much impossible, as we've had furniture go through the floor already so i'm not exactly comfortable doing aerobics in the living room for fear of ending up in the crawlspace!! I plan to utilize my church's free exercise, kickboxing, etc. classes when I have the gas money to get there (if it's down to enough gas for Aaron to get to work or me to drive to church to exercise, guess who's getting the car?).

     If anyone wants to share their weight loss journey and blog alongside mine, feel free to subscribe and message me! I'd be happy to advertise your accomplishments and learning experiences with mine!!