Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Contrary to Stereotypical Belief...

Ok, I've had about enough of hearing the standard, rude, senseless comments made in an otherwise-friendly audience of observers during webcasts on - it's time to set something straight.

1. Not all women who you call "fat" are that way because they eat too much! 

  • To say things along the lines of "This is the longest she's gone without something in her mouth!" and "You ate my town, you monster!!" just makes you look ridiculous and juvenile. Some of us are very health-conscious women who have had a run-in with medications (just once I wanna see some bony bitch that runs her mouth about "ugly fat chicks" take Prednizone and watch her inflate like a balloon at a kid's birthday party) or have a REAL health problem, like a thyroid issue or digestive system issues. Even stress and depression can cause weight changes - and by saying things like that, you're NOT helping that problem go away, are you? Didn't your mama teach you "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"?? If not, I'm a mama - and I just told you. Now behave or I'll TELL your mama what you said and watch her beat your ass...

2. You're NOT funny.

  • "Man the harpoons!" isn't productive, appropriate conversation in a cam room.
  • Saying things repeatedly if you don't get others to parrot you is just irritating. If anyone else shared your opinion, they would've spoken up already. Most that share your opinion about watching BBWs on cams just avoid those cams because it's not something they enjoy. You enjoy being malicious. There's probably a special site for that - go there and leave the rest of us alone, please.
To quote my fiance, "Why would anyone want to have sex with someone THAT skinny anyway?" A man of any size himself would be afraid he'd snap her in half. There's no fun in holding back because you're scared, sex should be all about pleasure and giving IN to the feelings! Total abandon is the most incredible, exhilarating, emotional feeling in the world!

But, (my turn to be snide) I suppose if you're a weak, skinny, small-dicked man that can't handle the passion and lust a woman with REAL curves can offer (instead of a woman that never passed puberty or looks more like a 10-year-old boy) then by all means, date the small skinny women. Please. And keep them busy so they don't have time to harass the rest of us they're so jealous over! 

Oh... and if you're one of those people that seeks out the opposite of your "type" just to harass and haze and torment them when you visit cam sites? Do the rest of the world a favor and test that center rail on the subway track for us so we know it's working safely. That will probably be the ONLY contribution you make to society with an attitude like yours. You see, in movies like American Pie, Stiffler's character was marginally funny - because he was PRETEND. FICTIONAL. NOT REAL. We could all point at him and laugh, saying "OMG doesn't that guy act like [fill in obnoxious person's name here]? I wish I could fast-forward and mute HIM, but real life sucks that way." You're not liked. You're not funny. You're pathetic and rude and judgmental and the OPPOSITE of what anyone looks for in a mate or friend. You will die bitter and alone, or bitter and hated by the spouse you tricked into marrying (or the one that was desperate enough to settle for you).

Ok, I've finally gotten all that anger off my chest. I feel marginally better, for now. Maybe I can write something somewhat-objectively now!

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